Adventure Time Watch – AWESOMAGE!

Yes kids*, this is it. This is the one. The watch you saw in the movie. No no, not that movie. The one with the weird-looking guy running around in red spandex, saying naughty things and fighting baddies. The Marvelverse Earth-199999, the Land of Ooo… we literally don’t even know where we are anymore.

Adventure Time watch features Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum on the face, and even more great characters from the Land of Ooo on the straps. Deadpool is apparently a fan, and so are we. Sure, it will help you remember your favorite Adventure Time and/or Deadpool moments, and sure it will help you not be late to things. But the best part of owning an Adventure Time Watch is what you get to do whenever anyone asks you what time it is. You get to scream in their face, “ADVENTURE TIME!”

*Actually, we really hope we’re not talking to actual kids. Neither minors nor young goats should be familiar with the Deadpool movie. That would be inappropriate. But we’ll watch Adventure Time with you any day!