Backpack of Holding – AWESOMAGE!

Backpack of Holding

We’ve had a Backpack of Holding for a while now. It was basically our Bag of Holding with backpack straps. We were making do with what we had. You know, sort of like how you have your 10 ft. pole and your rope and you ask your GM if you can make a fishing pole out of that.

But in the background, our merchant who’s obsessed with bags was busy deep in Dwarven caverns, forging a new, better Backpack of Holding.

Behold. The Backpack of Holding! (2.0. Or maybe 1.0, because the previous backpack was really the Bag of Holding 1.2.) (Moving on.) The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s an inch or two bigger all directions than your typical JanSport-style backpack. And, as anybody who understands geometry can tell you, an inch or two in each direction makes a world of difference in terms of volume. But wait. There’s more. The top flap isn’t just a flap. It’s actually part of the bag, which means you can unfold it to get another half a foot of height out of the bag. And it’s entirely useable in that format. It just doesn’t seal, which means it’s great for toting your rolled-up posters, your cosplay sword when you’re not in character, or your Quidditch broom. Just be careful with those doorframes.