Black Magic Spellbook Billfold – AWESOMAGE!

Black Magic Spellbook Billfold

Systems of currency require that we all agree to live within the same fiction. Not that we all agree to carry the Triganic Pu or Rupees, mind you, but that we all agree that this piece of paper (or coin or string of zeroes and ones) can be exchanged for a specific but varying amount of real-world value.

Where are we going with this? Money has always existed somewhere in the liminal space inhabited by books and magic, so it’s no surprise that here at  we’ve chosen to represent it as both with our Black Magic Spellbook Billfold. Stash your cash in what looks to be an old-fashioned leatherbound book with arcane symbols on the cover but is actually a billfold. It conveniently fits into most purses and also features a wrist-strap so it can function as a standalone clutch. And with 15 total card slots and 6 bill slots, you can fit plenty of your agreed upon fiction in here just fine.