Book Light – AWESOMAGE!

Book Light

For when your love of books extends far past actual books with words in them, we present… the Book Light! Close it up, and it looks just like a book. Open it, and its book pages fan out in accordion style that can provide mood lighting in one of five colors: white, green, blue, red, and purple. It will also open all the way, 360 degrees, staying open with the use of strong magnets, making this book look almost like a Ferris wheel on its side. Choose a color for your mood or your task, whether you want to read, give your room a themed glow, or use it as an accent light.

To change the book color, simply close and reopen the book, and a different color will show. Use the bright white to read by, the blue for alertness, or the red for evening mood light. It’s the perfect complement to your books on your bookshelf.