Built in Pet Door – AWESOMAGE!

Built in Pet Door

If you’re a cat, the other side of any door is where you want to be — especially if that’s where the food and litter are. When you share a house with a dog or young kids, though, unrestricted access can be a problem. After all, there’s nothing tastier to a dog than some kitty kibble.

The answer? A cat-only opening, cleverly installed into an interior door, which lets kitty pass through while keeping toddlers and dogs out. Your Purrfect Portal cat door installs in minutes on any style of door — both hollow-core or solid — with just a jigsaw and a screwdriver. It includes self-drilling screws (no flimsy tape or glue like some models use) for a more secure mount, and a handy template to make cutting the opening a breeze. Best of all, it’s large enough to allow even chubby kitties of up to 18 pounds easy access, but still small enough to keep curious kids and dogs out. It’s ideal for installing anywhere in the house your cat wants to go, such as basement, bedroom, laundry, or bathroom doors.