Captain Marvel Crossbody Purse – AWESOMAGE!

Captain Marvel Crossbody Purse

Purses aren’t just accessories; they’re a lifeline. On any given day they need to hold a wallet, phone, keys, umbrellas, lipgloss, a book or two, pepper spray, even the occasional sandwich. And they need to do so without being bulky and without falling apart under the strain – while still coordinating with your closet.

So really, more purses need to take their inspiration from Carol Danvers. As Captain Marvel, she can fly to space and back without damage. She can shoulder an aircraft carrier at a moment’s notice. And she always looks fantastic while she does it. This practical, durable faux leather purse shares all the best qualities of Captain Marvel (except her fauxhawk, sadly). Her iconic red, blue and gold costume is recreated with applique details, including the classic starburst on the front and mini starburst custom rivets on the handles. And if the superhero motif isn’t enough to scare away pickpockets, the removable crossbody strap is sure to help. Roomy enough for all the essentials and then some, this purse has an interior zipper pocket and a top zip closure. And in case all those primary colors had you worried, there is one thing that’s understated on this bag: the custom black-on-black Marvel logo lining on the interior.