Cat Flask – AWESOMAGE!

Cat Flask

Whoever first came up with “the cat’s out of the bag” as an aphorism probably didn’t own cats. It’s all about how news can spread inescapably. But cats like bags. Given the choice, they will stay in a bag all day. You open the bag. Cat’s like, “No. I’m good here. Thanks.” Of course, maybe this person took the cat to the vet in a carrier that’s a bag. That is one bag that cat is never going back into.

At first glance, this looks like an adorable little cat-shaped shoulder bag with a chain strap. But flip it over, and its real purpose is revealed: it’s a flask. The flask is engraved with the words “the cat’s out of the bag,” because once somebody sees that side, the jig is up. Fill the steel container with 10 ounces of the base for your favorite libation, be it hairballs, meowgaritas, or the classic martini (don’t forget the olive – they’re like catnip to some cats). And, of course, leave a little for the morning after – hair of the cat, you know.