Cat’s Meow Stationery Set – AWESOMAGE!

Hey there cool cat – we just think you’re the best. No, really! You’ve got big ideas, and you’re really going places. Places like… on top of tall bookshelves, and under the couch. Your wits are as sharp as your claws, and you’re right on top of the ball (especially when you’ve been eating your green veggies, we’ve noticed). And that work you did with the red laser pointer? Truly inspired.

We think you’re purrrrrrfect, and we just want to make sure that all of your best stuff gets written down. That’s why we have for you this Cat’s Meow Stationery Set. It’s got everything you need to capture those lightbulb moments and keep them organized. Featuring an adorable meowing kitty journal, cat-shaped paperclips, pastel binder clips, shiny push pins, pretty corked glass bottles to hold your supplies, and a kitty-cat black ink gel pen. There! Isn’t everything a little bit better when you use cute office supplies? We think so.