Convertible Tote of Holding – AWESOMAGE!

Convertible Tote of Holding

Over the years, you guys have had lots of feedback about our Bag of Holding line, so we decided to open it up to a few new form factors. Try them out. Let us know what fits your lifestyle and how you use them. We’ll keep the ones you like, revamp the ones we could make better, and drop the ones you don’t like into the fires of Mordor. Likeyado.

One can never have too many bags, we say. And totes are particularly useful, whether you’re headed out to the grocery store, gaming night, or just want someplace to stash your purse and umbrella. We like this one for a few reasons. One, it shows off our RPG fandom with the d20 accent print across the top. And two, it’s really tall, which allows us to stash more stuff away. After all, if you brought a tote along with you to protect your comic books, it isn’t protecting them if they’re sticking out the top, right? And, of course, three, it can turn into a backpack at a moment’s notice. Well, not so fast that it’s a free action (since those don’t exist any more). Let’s go with Use Object as your action during the turn to transform the tote to a backpack or vice versa, so still pretty dang fast. Just don’t do it in combat.