Cutesy Roll Pillow – AWESOMAGE!

It’s really hard to convey how adorable these guys are without letting you snuggle with them. While walking around the office with the samples, taking them to the photo studio and such, we were repeatedly stopped by employees who needed to hug them. If we had to put it objectively, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being max cuteness, they’re 237.

Cutesy Roll Pillows come in two flavors: Corgi and Kitty. Corgi’s a little tan dog (technically “red”). Kitty’s a little grey tabby (technically “blue” – it’s like these standards people never had crayons). Coming in at almost two feet long, both are a handful to cuddle, and look great in a chair or tossed on your bed. Really, you should get two, because they can keep each other company, and also people will constantly be trying to swipe yours. It’s good to have an emergency backup in case someone succeeds.