Deadpool Uniform Board Shorts – AWESOMAGE!

Deadpool Uniform Board Shorts

An outsider, all Wilson wants to do is swim in the societal cesspool. Preferably the breaststroke. But no Speedos…
– Cable & Deadpool: The Burnt Offering

You know, you’re supposed to wait at least 30 minutes after eating before going into the water, but we held to that rule, Deadpool would never be able to swim. After all, he’s on that strict taco-every-15-minutes diet. Makes more bubbles in the pool. Plus, he’s never been much for rules….

Don these Deadpool Uniform Board Shorts and thumb your nose at authority. With these on, nobody’s going to be surprised if you’re running by the pool or bringing glass containers onto the beach, you rebel. Of course, those actions still might get you kicked out so if you care, you might dial it back a notch. Not everybody can be the Merc with the Mouth full-time. Thankfully.