Doctor Who Gallifrey Bedding Set – AWESOMAGE!

As old-school Doctor Who fans, we have to concede one thing to the modern Doctor Who: its Gallifreyan is far superior. Circular Gallifreyan is beautiful. In our day, Gallifreyan was a weird mix of Greek and mathematical symbols (Old High Gallifreyan) or Arabic and Greek (Modern Gallifreyan). It didn’t have any of your fancy-schmancy divots and concentric circles and lines and whatnot. And it’s probably no accident that Circular Gallifreyan reminds us of both models of solar systems and of the inner-workings of a watch. It’s really just striking.

Now you can read Circular Gallifreyan while you drift off to sleep at night with this Doctor Who Gallifrey Bedding Set. This set comes in Twin, Full, Queen, or King, and is a full bed-in-a-bag set with everything from the comforter to the pillowcases covered. The pillowcases and sheets feature Circular Gallifreyan. And, of course, everything features TARDISes. As it should.