Doctor Who Ladies’ 11th Doctor’s Purple Coat – AWESOMAGE!

Doctor Who Ladies’ 11th Doctor’s Purple Coat

Fabulous frock coats were popular in early Doctor Who, so we’re glad to see they’re making a comeback with Matt Smith’s Doctor. We’ve always thought frock coats were flattering, possibly partially because of the silhouette, which Wikipedia describes as involving “a high degree of waist suppression.” We’re all about suppressing our waists without skimping on the Jelly Babies and Jammie Dodgers. (They’re basically fruit, right?)

The waist is even more tapered on this frock coat, because it’s been tailored specifically for women. And it’s purple, because there’s no need to go traipsing across space and time in a boring color. Maybe not as vibrant as the Sixth Doctor, either. This is a nice compromise.