Doctor Who: Paper Dolls – AWESOMAGE!

Did you ever want to see what would happen if the Third Doctor met up with the Tenth Doctor? Or what the Ninth Doctor would say to Donna Noble (now that would be a fun pairing)? Now you can act out your own Doctor Who scenes, recreating episodes or inventing new storylines, with this officially-licensed Doctor Who: Paper Dolls book! Swap out the clothes, heads, and bodies of 26 of your favorite Doctor Who characters. Simply fold down the tabs to hold items in place on the character stands. In between the pieces you cut out, you can read fascinating Doctor Who trivia and pick up some Doctor Who cosplay tips.

All you need is a sharp pair of scissors and your own imagination. Stand up each character and mix and match expressions and accessories. It’s the perfect gift for your favorite Whovian or papercrafter. After all, paper dolls are cool.