Doctor Who TARDIS Figure – AWESOMAGE!

Vincent Van Gogh was more on the ball than people gave him credit for. Just look at his prophetic painting, depicting the TARDIS exploding! High art and high accuracy. And now his vision of the future has been recreated in this gorgeous Titan Vinyl Figure!

Originally a 2017 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive from Titan Entertainment, a stash of them happens to have materialized in our warehouse – and our good fortune is your opportunity! These squat, stylized 4.5″ vinyls look like they were designed by Van Gogh himself, complete with brushstroke details and a burst of explosive color. Each one is packaged in a lovely window box, perfect for displaying. Or take it out and let it travel! Even an exploding TARDIS is made for adventure. Just keep your eyes peeled for any mysterious cracks in your wall….