Dog House Purse – AWESOMAGE!

When someone’s “in the doghouse,” they’re usually in trouble. Obviously, it must not have been this doghouse they were referring to, because this one is fab-u-lous! We would love to be in this one any day. As soon as we find our shrink ray. Maybe the merchant closet? *wanders off to look*

This Dog House Purse from the mad geniuses at Irregular Choice is currently a  exclusive. If it were a real house, the sparkle could probably be seen from space and it would definitely violate all the homeowners’ association by-laws. We’re not sure why they called it a “dog house,” because although there’s an adorable corgi looking out the window as if to greet you, there’s also a grey and white cat, asleep in the opposite window, presumably absorbing a sunbeam to power those 3 a.m. crazies.