Emergents: Genesis – AWESOMAGE!

This game is not like other deck-building games. While many deck-building games are just “points races” where someone crosses a finish line and wins, Emergents: Genesis requires you to defeat your opponents, which means you can defend yourself… if you have purchased the right cards along the way. This interactive PvP game takes place in an original universe by game designer and comic creator Brian David-Marshall and features art from a host of best-selling and award-winning comic book artists headlined by Steve Ellis.

In Emergents: Genesis, you take on the role of powerful superheroes (Emergents) and battle against your fellow players to be the last person standing. Your character belongs to one of four different classes, each with their own way of fighting and their own unique game mechanic: StrongHarms (punch first, ask questions later), Acolytes (information and secrets dealers), Non-Stops (furious flurries of blows), and Sculptors (matter and energy manipulators).

The object of the game is reduce all of the other players’ heroes to zero health by attacking them while also building your deck and customizing your Emergent’s superpowers. Compete to create a deck that showcases your hero’s unique abilities and allows you to be the last player standing. The melee-style gameplay and gorgeous artwork will appeal to all fans of both the superhero genre and interactive card games.