Excalibur Multi-Purpose Toolkit – AWESOMAGE!

Why is it that strange women lying in ponds distributing swords was considered a reasonable basis for a system of government in Arthurian times? Because the sword known as Excalibur was such a powerful tool, that he who could wield it was the rightful sovereign of the land.

No need to pull this Excalibur from lake or stone, although the power it carries is still the stuff of legends. This multi-purpose toolkit combines a soldering iron, micro torch and hot air blower in one tool. Piezo Electric instant ignition system provides a faster, more reliable startup. It’s butane-fueled and refillable, cordless, anti-flare, and features a new, easy-to-use child-resistant design, so that the power stays in your hands. Five interchangeable tips for any battle scenario: soldering, hot air blowing, removing adhesives, and more. All contained within a compact storage case (scabbard) for hassle-free mobility. That’ll make the Saxons think twice before invading your country!