Exploding Kittens Hairy Potato Cat Plush – AWESOMAGE!

Exploding Kittens Hairy Potato Cat Plush

We have questions about Hairy Potato Cat. First of all, why? But also, why so concerned face, HPC? Is it because of all the exploding going on? Or because you are, without knowing why, a little hairy? Or is it because in the next paragraph, we’re going to suggest that people throw you around and nibble on you? What?

It’s an IRL version of the Exploding Kittens card, though it’s not really a potato, or a cat, or half of the ability to steal things (probably). It’s soft plush and felt, ready for you to cuddle, throw around, maybe even nibble a bit. (What does a hairy plush potato cat taste like, anyway? Hair? Potato? Cat? Plush?) Oh, and to play with, too: live out all of your secret Exploding Kittens fantasies, or use the bonus Exploding Kittens Starter Card to enhance your game.