Exploding Kittens Tacocat Plush – AWESOMAGE!

Exploding Kittens Tacocat Plush

Here’s a fun little house rule we found on ye olde Internet (user Fireslide on BoardGameGeek): use Tacocat cards as Reverses, due to the name being reversible (a palindrome). We have our own little house rule when we play “Exploding Kittens” and a Tacocat card is played: slam down a $1 taco, as fast as you can. Mmmm… tacos…

Stop drooling all over your game table and grab this Tacocat plush instead! It’s an IRL version of the Exploding Kittens card, though it’s not really a taco, or a cat, or half of the ability to steal things (probably). It’s soft plush and felt, ready for you to cuddle, drool on, maybe even nibble a bit. Oh, and to play with, too: live out all of your secret Exploding Kittens fantasies, or use the bonus Exploding Kittens Starter Card to enhance your game.