Galactic Guardians of the Galaxy Dress – AWESOMAGE!

Galactic Guardians of the Galaxy Dress

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 saw the Marvel Cinematic Universe become noticeably more vibrant. The change was fitting for this epic sequel. It’s a colorful movie on all levels. Part of it was the transition from the ARRI Alexa to the RED Weapon 8K camera. And part of it was artistic decision. While space is traditionally rendered as black and forbidding, the brilliant minds at NASA who translate satellite data into imagery have taught us all that space doesn’t have to be black.

Inject a pop of that new, bold MCU color into your closet with this Galactic Guardians of the Galaxy Dress. Practical with its side pockets, this stretchy tank dress uses a sublimation process to achieve a vibrant 360° nebula design. (That was “nebula” with a lowercase “n” we’ll point out.) And the front chest sports a gold foil version of the Guardians insignia with that nougaty Nova Corps center and the names of our main five around the edge.