Game of Thrones: Iron Throne Room Construction Set – AWESOMAGE!

In the pursuit of the Iron Throne, you win, or you die. Or maybe, there’s a third option: construct your own and make a little two-inch scale King Joffrey do whatever you want! “Oh, la de de, just walking along up my Iron Throne! Whoopsie, I tripped and fell and hit my head! I’m having a sudden moment of clarity! Since I’m so young, inexperienced, and terrible, I think I’ll abdicate my throne and name my mother as my successor. Sure, she’s not exactly fair, just, or qualified, but we all know she won’t stop trying to accumulate power anyway. So this will just make things easier for everyone.”

Act out your favorite scenes from the throne room (or retcon them) with this 314 piece construction set. You get all the pieces to put together the Iron Throne, two candelabras, a stone backdrop, an ornate stained glass window, sconces, buildable columns, and wall. Plus a little King Joffrey and a member of his kingsguard to protect him. You know, just in case anything should happen to the king.

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