Game of Thrones Jon Snow’s Wallet – AWESOMAGE!

You know nothing, Jon Snow.
– Ygritte

Longclaw, the signature weapon of Jon Snow, isn’t the kind of gear you take to work, unless you’re a member of the Night’s Watch. (Spoiler alert: You’re not!) Instead, carry Jon Snow’s Wallet, featuring Longclaw’s refinished direwolf handle. This ThinkGeek exclusive will be your stalwart companion on the Wall or in your cubicle. Like Jon Snow, the direwolf strikes fear into its enemies, so your wealth is guarded – unlike too many parts of the Wall.

This bold vegan leather wallet is debossed with HBO’s Game of Thrones logo, and features seven pockets: four card slots, two sideways pockets, and one billholder slot. That’s one feature for each of the 7 Kingdoms, so we’re sure it’ll be enough for your needs. Unless maybe you’re a Lannister.