Game of Thrones Night King and Viserion Vinyl Figure – AWESOMAGE!

You may think that you have a pretty decent throwing arm, but we’re pretty confident the Night King has you beat. Case in point – he now has a dragon, and you don’t. (And yes, spoiler alert. But, look, if you looked at this product page? You’ve already been spoiled. Dragon has ice blue eyes.) As much as we will miss Viserion being one of the good guys, we have to admit, he looks pretty awesome as an undead wight.

Take home vinyl figures of the Night King and his new epic flying mount, Viserion. The Night King sits on top and lets his newfound dragon do the dirty work. Like, taking down an entire wall, for instance.

Note: We have a 6″ tall measurement on this one, but we assume it works the same way the other Ridez products do – the figure is standard 3 3/4″ and the ride accommodates the figure. Maybe 6″ long, but probably closer to 4 1/2″ tall if we had to guess.

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