Game of Thrones Translucent Night King Figure – AWESOMAGE!

Game of Thrones Translucent Night King Figure

Spoiler alert. Don’t read any more if you haven’t finished Season 7 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Consider yourself warned.

In addition to converting innocent babies into White Walkers, raising wights, and riding undead dragons, now the Night King can also apparently shrink himself down in size. We’re not sure what good this is going to do him. But if you find him standing in your sink or next to your trash can with his arms up, you probably want to keep an eye out for flying reanimated fried chicken.

This translucent variant of Dark Horse Deluxe’s figure of The Night King from HBO’s Game of Thrones is a  exclusive. If you choose to display it out of its window-box packaging, you might want to keep some tiny dragonglass or Valyrian steel handy. Just in case.