Game of Thrones Vivid Fleece Blankets – AWESOMAGE!

Now that winter is finally here, there isn’t much that us smallfolk can really do about it, is there? Not that anyone could prevent the winter from coming we suppose, but for those of us not actually playing the game of thrones, what is there to do besides curl up under a warm blanket and just watch to see how it all turns out?

Declare your favorite in the Game of Thrones saga with a cozy Game of Thrones Vivid Fleece Blanket featuring your favorite character. Choose from Tyrion weighing his options in the darkness, Jon Snow enduring the bitter cold, or Daenerys bringing the fire with her. No matter which one you choose, things are going to heat up as you snuggle down to watch the great forces collide. Maybe it will be a short winter, after all.