GotG Sterling Groot Basket Branch Ladies’ Ring – AWESOMAGE!

GotG Sterling Groot Basket Branch Ladies’ Ring

Jewelry should remind you of the people you love. The traditional wedding ring is there to remind you of a spouse, the Irish claddagh brings up loyalty to blood relations, but what about that family that we make for ourselves, on a spaceship, guarding the galaxy from baddies that want to mess with it? There should be a ring for that.

Oh, but there is! A subtle homage to the grootiest of tree folks, at first glance it looks like an artisan piece you might have picked up at an earthy festival. But when you spot the tiny engraving, “I am Groot,” you realize that this piece is, in fact, out of this world. A tribute to the selfless Groot and the space family that you create for yourself.

For our customers with nickel allergies: This item is made from solid nickel-free sterling silver.