Guardians of the Galaxy Cassette Tape Bag – AWESOMAGE!

Guardians of the Galaxy Cassette Tape Bag

When the first Guardians movie hit theaters, millions of parents had to explain to wee geeklings how music used to be trapped on these “cassette tapes,” and you couldn’t just stream your favorite songs on any device like you can now. Whippersnappers don’t know how good they have it, never having to wind up a cassette with a pencil after the player tried to gobble up your tape, or chewing through AA batteries trying to listen to your tunes on the go.

That’s fine, though. Not having to wind up tapes and search for AAs gives us a lot more time these days to be out there, guarding the galaxy. And boy, does this galaxy need it! So we’ll just be packing up our awesome mix tapes, our pencils, extra batteries, and whatever else we need – a roll of tape? Is there any reason we might need some tape to save the galaxy? Eh, well, there’s plenty of room in this Cosmic Mix tape bag to bring all of it along, so why not? It might come in handy.