Harry Potter House Pen and Desk Stand Set – AWESOMAGE!

Show off your Hogwarts House and dress up your desk with one of these intricately detailed diecast Harry Potter Pen and Desk Stand Sets. Each one features the House mascot as the base and the name of the House on the pen handle, along with a detail from the house and small ermine symbols. The pens’ coloring is reminiscent of the colors of each House. The pen is a black ballpoint, a reliable writing instrument for all your correspondence needs. You might even find pens like these in the lobby at Gringotts.

Write a letter with one of these pens and then seal up the correspondence with a Harry Potter Wax Seal! Or maybe you can draw your own Marauder’s Map or work on your Potions homework. Maybe even craft an editorial for the Daily Prophet. Regardless, one of these sets is the perfect addition to your Hogwarts House-styled office.