Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Heat Change 20oz Mug – AWESOMAGE!

Coffee breaks during the workday give everyone an excuse to get up from their isolated cubicle and wander a bit to see what everyone one else is doing in their own lonely cubicles. You just better hope that your boss doesn’t have a Marauder’s Map of your office, or they will be able to see your little footprints wandering around most of the day! (Hey, more coffee=more bathrooms break, right?)

This sleek, black Marauder’s Map mug makes it known to all around you that you Solemnly swear you are up to no good (take that Gina from HR!). Poor in some hot chocolate, tea, coffee or warm butterbeer, and watch as tiny footprints appear all over your mug. When your mischief is managed, don’t forget to hand wash this beauty.

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