Horror Movie Sound Effects Instrument – AWESOMAGE!

Horror Movie Sound Effects Instrument

  • HORROR SOUND. The unique instrument — Waterphone creates a weird sound that could be heard in horror movie and other music media.
  • STAINLESS IRON. All body is made of stainless iron, with total 30 metal sticks around. Body Diameter: 10.24in (26cm), Height of product: 15.75in (40cm).
  • PLAYING THEORY. Add some water from the tube to the bottom, use implement to vibrate the sticks, and shake the body, then hear the sound. Also, you can try your own idea of playing.
  • HAND-MADE PRODUCTION. The product is totally handmade, and for precision, each item takes 3-5 days to produce.
  • INSTRUMENT for MOVIE MAKER and HOBBYIST. If you want to add some weird sounds in the movie or other media, you could create your own music with the aid of this instrument.