Instant Cure Super Glue – AWESOMAGE!
  • UNIVERSAL REPAIR TOOL: the clear drying resin is perfect for precision bonding. Simply squeeze the resin onto your designated fix, shine the blue light and within seconds it is cured and ready
  • UNIQUE FORMULA: Total Repair’s unique adhesive formula allows the glue to cure with AND without the light, allowing you to make ALL of your needed repairs.
  • FIXES EVERYTHING: Total Repair’s adhesive and innovative blue light technology combination empowers you to make endless repairs with the same product. Bond, seal and reinforce.
  • ALL IN ONE: The clear drying resin is stored at one end and the curing light at the other. Great for storing in the kitchen or rv. Compact and convenient. Total repair does it all.
  • INCLUDES: Applicator with resin and blue curing light.