Lumio Unfolding Book Lamp – AWESOMAGE!

Lumio Unfolding Book Lamp

  • FOLDING TABLE LAMP -Being able to fold right back on itself, build up 360 degree lighting as you like, create various shapes to be a decorative light.
  • WIRELESS and RECHARGEABLE-Powered by inbuilt lithium battery, connect with the USB cable to your computer or your mobile power adaptor USB port, about 5 hours, you will get a fantastic book lamp .
  • PORTABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT-delivers unparalleled strength with light enough material, convenient to throw into your bag like a book, easy to carry around, good for indoor desk table wall lighting.
  • TOP QUALITY-Made of environmental white maple cover and Tyvek paper, ensure the bending will not break up or cause other damages, provide the added durability to be a wonderful wooden lamp.
  • MAGNETIC DESIGN-No button, No switch, easy to setup or use, can be shaped as a round or half circle, provide easy access to the iron surface.