Marvel Spider-Gwen Women’s Blazer – AWESOMAGE!

Marvel Spider-Gwen Women’s Blazer

It’s impressive how much expression Rodriguez manages to eke out of Spider-Gwen while she’s wearing a full face mask. You can’t expect your coworkers to have that same amount of discernment, though, so you’re probably better off opting for a look that actually allows your face to show so they know when you’re elated and when you’re disgusted.

Right now, we’re guessing you’re elated. That’s because you’ve seen this fabulous Marvel Spider-Gwen Women’s Blazer. On the outside, the cut-and-sew styling has Gwen’s geometric look and a lapel pin on the collar. On the inside, the lining features her signature pink and cyan web pattern. If your coworkers don’t get the reference, you can always flash them a little lining or roll the sleeves to provide an assist.