Marvel Valkyrie Mini Backpack – AWESOMAGE!

Spoiler alert. The breakout star of Thor: Ragnarok wasn’t played by Jeff Goldblum or Cate Blanchett and it wasn’t even a talking pile of rocks – though they were all strong contenders. No, the true surprise hit of the movie was the hard-drinking scrapper and Asgardian ex-pat called Valkyrie (or Brunnhilde if you’re nasty). She’s the last surviving member of an elite force of women warriors, and a (somewhat reluctant) recruit to Thor’s makeshift “Revengers” team-up. And now? She’s a mini backpack!

Or rather, she has a mini backpack designed in her honor. We know she’s not literally the backpack – we’re not drunk. She is. Anyway, this Loungefly creation is a ThinkGeek exclusive inspired by Valkyrie’s tough yet sensible ensemble. Gold appliqué details like a sword badge and a buckle adorn the front of the bag, while the sides feature two pockets in the same vibrant blue as her cape. The interior is fully lined with custom “Valkyrie” printed fabric. Adjustable straps, top zip main compartment and a front zipper pocket mean that this bag has all the utility of a normal backpack, only smaller and way cooler. Plus it’s made of cruelty-free simulated leather, because Valkyrie doesn’t have time for needless cruelty!