Mechanical DIY Truck – AWESOMAGE!

Pile up the Joad family in this truck and head out west! Reminiscent of the jalopy from The Grapes of Wrath, this DIY mechanical truck can carry a (very) small load as it travels across your desk, table, or California. Once you’ve assembled it, of course. To do so, simply follow the detailed instructions to punch out and assemble the pieces. Take your time and enjoy the process. Then, once completed, simply wind up the rubber band engine via a crank on the roof of the cab, set the mode to forward, backward, or idle, and go! The truck has an open structure to easily see its clever innerworkings as you appreciate the numerous details. The tires, steering wheel, pistons, doors, hood, truck bed sides, suspension, and more all move and function.

This DIY truck even has its own 4-cylinder engine! The rubber band engine turns the drive shaft which turns the crankshaft which, in turn, propels the engine. Made from premium grade plywood, the 420 pieces are scored and ready for you to punch out and put together. It’s a fun project that requires no tools (although you may wish to have a craft knife handy and a small hammer to help things fit). We recommend that little kids have adult supervision, to help understand instructions, provide brute force, and to keep the smaller pieces from snapping. Carve out some family time (or some “me” time), and enjoy building this classic model.