Middle Finger Candle – AWESOMAGE!

Middle Finger Candle

  • Package includes our unique and original first creation: one unscented hand candle showing the middle finger with grace and assertiveness. An incredible centerpiece in your own home to burn or appreciate- it’ll sure be a conversation topic among friends, family and guests.
  • makes a perfect gift because there really isnt anyone who would not receive this gift and laugh (or get offended, than you would laugh). This candle is so unique, you can give them to everyone: Boss- shows you should have gotten that raise, boyfriend- shows how much you really (we mean really) love him, dad- shows you have no daddy issues, siblings- shows how much you love them, friends- a true friend would always tell the other to F Off.
  • The best value: Our candles entices the curiosity of all the fellows who will be dying to burn them, but will be extremely hesitant to do so after all, who wants to light a candle so pretty and fun? If you wish to burn it, it usually goes up to 30 hours.
  • Made with all natural non-chemical renewable wax using a 100% cotton wick. Our candles are kid and pet-friendly because is completely paraffin-free and dye-free, so it burns cleaner than any candle you can find.