Nintendo Game Boy Color-Changing Pint Glass – AWESOMAGE!

Nintendo Game Boy Color-Changing Pint Glass

Do you know what this clear Nintendo Game Boy pint glass reminds us of? The transparent “Play It Loud!” Game Boys that came out in 1995, where you could see all the circuit board and speaker bits inside your Game Boy. All that technology was visible just beneath our thumbs as we were guiding Mario along to the next flagpole and cursing Tetris for giving us another zigzag block.

Raise a glass to the 8-bit past! And when you fill this glass up with your favorite frosty cold liquid, something magical happens: as if you had just inserted a cartridge, Mario appears fighting King Totomesu in World 1-3 of Super Mario Land. Here, hold our glass, we’ve just got to jump over this boss to beat the level!