PhiTOP in Brass – AWESOMAGE!

PhiTOP in Brass

The PhiTOP is an elegant scientific, artistic and aesthetically pleasing object that brings joy to the eye, hand and mind – a 21st century dynamical object with a unique mathematical shape. It is in the broadest sense a “philosophical toy.” It can be spun like a top – which it is. But its distinguished pedigree comes from applying the Golden Ratio to an ellipse. The PhiTOP was designed for the delight of people of all ages from 5 to 105. Creating surprise when spun as it stands upright, it also produces a marvelous optical illusion as it slows down – a soothing sound and a miniature light show. Sitting quietly on a desk, the PhiTOP can be enjoyed as an elegant and sensual sculpture or as a tactile aid to meditation and relaxation. It makes for an exceptional executive gift. But it also captures the imagination of young children.