Practical Wallet-Purse of Holding – AWESOMAGE!

Practical Wallet-Purse of Holding

Over the years, you guys have had lots of feedback about our Bag of Holding line, so we decided to open it up to a few new form factors. Try them out. Let us know what fits your lifestyle and how you use them. We’ll keep the ones you like, revamp the ones we could make better, and drop the ones you don’t like into the fires of Mordor. Likeyado.

“Convertible Wallet-Purse of Holding” is a clunky name for a very useful item. This item is a set of two billfolds, which can be used individually or together, both of which have D-rings for the included shoulder strap to turn them into a purse. They snap together, if you so desire, between them providing 15 card slots, 3 zip pouches for coins (or whatever), 3 bill areas, a large pocket (for smaller phones or notepads) and a smaller one for chapstick or a thumb drive (a few Moo cards slide right in perfectly). Choose to carry one or both – whatever the situation calls for. And carry them as a clutch or a shoulder bag. We’re all about the versatility here.