Pusheen Slippers with Tail – AWESOMAGE!

Pusheen is known for being adorable, and doing whatever she feels like doing. Whether it’s eating, dressing up, playing, or curling up in a box, Pusheen lives the dream. Now you can wear these Pusheen Slippers from GUND next time you lounge around, relax, eat delicious food, or, you know, do anything that embodies the Pusheen spirit. Treat yourself to the soft material that hugs your feet.

The slippers include embroidered details, whiskers, ears, and a tail at the heel, giving you two authentic Pusheen hugs, one on each foot. Plus, the outsoles provide more traction for when you’re chasing the laser pointer across the floor. One size fits lots of adult humans, so slip on some Pusheen Slippers, complete with kitty tail, and curl up for a nap, bask in the sun, or sit in a box. Meow!