Pusheenicorn Unisex Kigurumi Lounger – AWESOMAGE!

Pusheenicorn Unisex Kigurumi Lounger

Our merchants here at  World Domination HQ have successfully identified a single item that falls into the intersection of the Venn diagram that describes the conjunction of the groups magical, adorable, and comfortable – and it’s this Pusheenicorn Unisex Kigurumi Lounger.

If you’re not familiar with kigurumi, they’re basically one-size-fits-most-adult-humans onesies. They’re warm and fuzzy and snuggly and everything that a product dedicated to Pusheen should be. They’re perfect for Pajama Day at school or work. The hood, decorated with Pusheenicorn’s face, ears, and horn, is great for pulling over your head to make the world go away. And the tail is good for righting yourself if you fall out a tall building. Or so we hear. We do not recommend you try this.