Rambo R1000XP Extreme Power Bike – AWESOMAGE!

Rambo R1000XP Extreme Power Bike

The Rambo R750C Power Bike was made and equipped particularly for the tough core hunter featuring Rambo intelligent power control. Check game cameras, enter your stand it stealth mode, travel whisper quiet deep in to the woods, scout your land without having to put pressure in your game are a few jobs that R750C are great for. The R750C features DZX camo for ultimate concealment while the R750 is available in Matte Black. The Rambo R750 Power Bike lets you go deep into the woods or apply it camping or just cruising across the neighborhood. It uses precisely the same powerful, yet whisper quiet high torque motor unit because the R750C. Get around quieter and smarter than previously! Decals can be purchased, in ten different colors, a personalized matte black bike frame. Rambo Power Bike: The greatest transport machine with endless uses. An alternative way of considering travel: Rambo bikes are breaking into unchartered territory and helping you to come with us, literally.