Spider-Man Duffel Purse – AWESOMAGE!

Like Superman, Spider-Man has a number of mortal women in his life who play important parts. Aunt May, of course, figures prominently. Then you’ve got the love-interests Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane. Betty Brant. Liz Allan. Wait. We see a pattern. The guy has a weakness for the human ladies, clearly. Except for Black Cat. Well, actually, when he got together with her, she was just a really skilled cat burglar. No radioactive toxoplasma in her past or anything. Just genetics and the need for revenge, which sometimes is enough.

So we picked this bag out for you, another human female who plays an important part, one without which Spider-Man could not exist: Spider-Fan. Peter Parker’s a photographer. He understands the importance of a good bag. That’s one reason we think he’d dig this one from Loungefly. Well, that and it looks like Spidey. This has both double handles and a detachable shoulder strap, in case you need to swing into action.