Star Trek TNG Corridor Door Cover – AWESOMAGE!

Star Trek TNG Corridor Door Cover

There’s one thing we know for sure about the future: their doors are superior to ours. They do awesome iris things to open and close; they make shhk-shhk noises and open automatically as we approach. But sometimes we don’t need the technology (ask any Trek actor who ran into the doors when the stagehands were just a bit slow). Doors can just look good and open and close, and that’s enough for us.

This Star Trek TNG Corridor Door Cover will make any interior door look like a hallway from the Enterprise D of Star Trek: The Next Generation without the exorbitant expense of building a spaceship.  Intended for interior doors, this 37″ x 76″ piece of fabric has elastic on the corners so it stretches to fit over your door snugly. You have to provide your own ensigns to brush past quickly on your way to the Bridge.