Star Trek TNG Uniform Polo – AWESOMAGE!

Star Trek TNG Uniform Polo

The new uniforms for TNG were a complete departure from what we had seen in the original series, with lots of black, sleek clean lines, and the “fabric of the future,” Spandex! Alright, Spandex turned out not to be the miracle fabric of the 24th century that Gene Roddenberry thought it would be (though it did give us the infamous “Picard Maneuver”), but the distinctive new Starfleet dress code was a winner that defined the Star Trek “look” for three shows and a whole new generation of viewers.

You might not be able to get your uniform out of a replicator (sorry, they’ve been programmed to only allow legit Starfleet officers to do that), but we’ve still got you covered. These polos give you middle ground that’s somewhere between Ten-Forward-casual and on-the-bridge-formal (and light years away from “dress-uniform-formal,” thank goodness), and the cut-and-sew colorblock design in 100% cotton is much more comfortable than Spandex. Embroidered with rank pips and combadge, you’re almost ready to serve on the Federation’s new flagship vessel – at least on Casual Friday, anyway. Wait, does the stardate calendar even have Fridays?