Star Trek Tribble Faux Fur Coat – AWESOMAGE!

Star Trek Tribble Faux Fur Coat

As you know, tribbles have a pesky habit of reproducing at alarming rates. At our warehouse, we somehow ended up with an entire shipping container filled with tribbles and we needed to do something before the walls exploded from the furry pressure. Trust us. It’s a complicated conversation to have with the landlord.

Okay, so this Star Trek Tribble Faux Fur Coat isn’t really made from tribbles. This coat is actually made from 100% fangirl love. That’s because it’s part of the  Star Trek Collection by Her Universe (available exclusively at ). This hip-length coat has two front pockets, an oversized hood, and a drawstring closure at the neck featuring dangling tribble pompoms. The entire thing is lined in a polyester tribble print for additional cuteness (as if it needed it). Just be sure to steer clear of Klingons while you’re wearing this. Either that or tell them you had a glorious battle with tribbles that resulted in this coat. You might score a bloodwine toast for that!