Star Wars Battling Drones – AWESOMAGE!

Star Wars Battling Drones

Who hasn’t dreamed of piloting an X-Wing and taking down the Death Star? Or, if you’re a true fan of one of the most menacing film villains of all time, taking the controls of Darth Vader’s TIE fighter and destroying the pathetic rebels?

Start the engines and take flight in quadcopters replicated after spaceships of the Star Wars universe. Use the agility of your Speeder Bike to zip around the forest moon, fly at rapid speeds through a trench to deliver devastating damage in your X-Wing, or use the push button barrel roll to evade the enemy in your very own advanced TIE fighter. All of these incredible flying machines can easily make the Kessel Run at a blinding 35 miles per hour.

Each intricately detailed quadcopter’s flight characteristics are tuned for battle with other drones. Fire IR blasts to disable enemy ships or upgrade your weapons system with a laser module for expert dogfights. Of course, that is if you can bear to take these collector-quality battle quads out of the included display case complete with light illumination and soundtracks.