Star Wars Rebel Pilot Mini Backpack – AWESOMAGE!

Star Wars Rebel Pilot Mini Backpack

It may not be easy being a rebel (especially with an evil Galactic Empire going around building Death Stars), but it IS easy look like a rebel. Specifically a pilot for the Rebel Alliance. And no, you don’t have to wear an orange flight suit. Unless you want to (they do look pretty comfy, but, you know, not so good for hiding). All you have to do is slip this awesome mini backpack over your shoulders and defy authority! Mostly the backpack part though.

This faux leather bag recreates the iconic Rebel pilot flight suit from the Star Wars films, from the orange color right down to the Alliance Starbird insignia on the front. In addition to the main compartment with the top zip closure, the backpack has a front zip pocket and exterior side pockets. With a quilted finish and dual reinforced padded shoulder straps, this tiny bag still manages to be mighty in all the right ways. All it’s missing is its own starfighter and a certain droid co-pilot. Artoo, you can fly with us any day!