Star Wars Resistance Army Jacket – AWESOMAGE!

Star Wars Resistance Army Jacket

Every time you turn the ignition in your vehicle. Each moment when you’re accelerating to highways speed. Whenever you hear the doors closing on the bus as you use socially-responsible public transportation. These are the times when you hear “Watch out for ground fire!” “Guys, we got a lot of company!” or “Let’s light it up!” These are the times when you get to be part of the Resistance, if only in your mind.

Show your true colors in this Star Wars Resistance Army Jacket. Part of the Star Wars Training Mode Collection Exclusively at ThinkGeek, this jacket can only be found here (in this galaxy or one far, far away). It’s covered with patches and prints representing the good guys – A-Wings, Rebel pilot helmets, X-Wings. And it has pockets in case you need to store any maps.